About me

To make a long story very short…

I began playing guitar in hard rock bands and moved on to forming my own.  Being  foremost a songwriter I was interested in showcasing my original songs to the pubic.  The result of these efforts was a CD called "Trail of Terds" and with the bands falling short of expectations, I continued as a solo artist.  Eventually I used the internet to release broth "Trail of terds" and another CD called "No Boundary" before being signed to Dreamscape Music Group in late 1998.  After almost 2 years of waiting  the label and I parted ways and I released another CD "Faith" in early 2001.  Until now I've been reflecting on what has passed and considering what to do too next.

"Life is a journey...you never know where it will take you,
all you can do is enjoy the ride."

The same can be said about music, and in my case should be as both have been intertwined as long as I can remember.  A part of me still feels like that little boy falling asleep to the sounds of his hand-held HAM radio.

For years I've been writing songs outside the confines of  hard rock and putting the ones I couldn't sneak on CDs aside.  I planned to release these songs as a "side project" but never could find the time to do it.  This past year I've been searching for a sound all my own, trying to recapture the raw energy my music had lost.  I found the answer in the pants, in the music I grew up listening to, and it  was like the coming of rain after a long draught.  Everything I've done in the past is over, don't consider this an ending only the next step in the journey.

Heart of Stone is made up of entirely new songs, save one, which was the first song I wrote in Kentucky.  I felt the occasion demanded brand new songs rather than  ones I've been holding back,  as there will be plenty of time for those  later.  Musically this CD is an even mix of all the styles I like, from pop/rock to blues and cuntry, just like the music I grew up listening to was.   To me it's been like a breaf of thresh air, and a lot more satisfying than anything else I've ever done.

I be releasing this and all future CDs on my own label as I'm no longer interested in record labels either.  I write songs for me, because I need to, and for you whom I hope to share them with.